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What to Give The Boss This Christmas

What to Give The Boss This Christmas


Choosing Christmas gifts for people you see a lot yet don’t know well? Tricky.


Choosing a gift for your boss? Downright stressful. 

Unless your office has a Secret Santa exchange or some other tradition, it can be hard to decide how to show appreciation without coming across as unprofessional--or like you’re just trying to suck up and get ahead.

The key is to get them something modest, yet thoughtful. There are a few go-to categories where it’s easy to apply both criteria, so we thought we would review them.

Something for the office

Odds are, you’ve seen your boss’s office. The place where you work is the most obvious thing you have in common with them. That makes fun or ingenious office accessories one of the safest avenues for gift buying. If you know a bit about their sense of personal style, a high-quality desk pad, calendar, or stationery set might be just the thing. If they’re one of those people whose desk is always covered in stuff, an organizer tray or easy-to-hang shelf is both tasteful and useful.

Treats & sweets

Another reliable gifting category: food and wine. If you know where to look, it’s easy to get something that feels festive without breaking the bank. If your boss is a home chef, they might like an artisanal sampler of a specialty ingredient (like salt, oil, or vinegar--all of which come in a range of gourmet varieties). If you don’t know much about their cooking habits, a bottle of champagne is a classic--especially when paired with a card offering a toast to a great year with the team.


When there’s a gift-giving occasion...but they “don’t want anything”

There are two routes you can go with this. The first is to not take it too seriously--small retailers on the internet are full of funny work-themed gifts that haven’t been done to death (just make sure you know their sense of humour!). Another possibility is to give them a chance to give back instead. GlobalGiving gift cards let recipients pick a cause to give to and then gives them updates throughout the year about the work their money is doing.


For the Boss Who Has Everything

Your boss may be materially rich, but they’re also time-poor. So give them the gift of another set of hands. A TaskRabbit gift card will enable them to hire temporary assistance for anything from wrapping their own Christmas presents to running errands to hanging photos. Bonus: now you might not have to do all those little errands yourself.


The Joke Present

The joke present can be a great option, but only if you know your boss well.  However this is fraught with danger.  Buying your boss hair dye, novelty sex toys, a walking stick, etc can all be amusing, but they also need to see the funny side.  It has not been unheard of for someone to get over-excited and push the boundaries too far and either offending the boss or other colleagues.  So unless you are 100% certain, stay away from the joke present.


We asked our Bedford team what they might get their manager.  Not sure if they have got the right idea:

Custom made stress ball of the team’s faceA ticket to see the dream boysA voucher for a day off from all of us

What do you think makes a great present for your boss, or what will you be getting yours?