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Top 5 Tips to a Happy Work Place

After being chosen as the “Best Place to Work in the UK” by the Sun Newspaper, OA are sharing our top 5 tips to ensure you have a happy and motivated workplace.

Know your team and engage with them. Spend time learning about what is important to your people. What are their career aspirations? How do you they like to be rewarded or recognised? Talk to them regularly, involve them, seek their views, opinions and feelings.

Set clear goals, involving your team as much as possible. If your teams are going to achieve targets, they need to ‘buy-in’ to them in the first place.

Be open and transparent. We have a famous song in OA that is played at every conference. I’m sure they are probably bored of it by now :-)  but the message (see the 5 sentences below) is an integral part of our business strategy.

  • We want everyone to feel part of the business
  • We want you to feel PROUD of who you are and what you do.
  • We want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute
  • We want everyone to see the impact they make
  • We want everyone to share in our success

Offer opportunities for personal development. ... We encourage personal growth within OA through bespoke in-house training and externally through a number of industry recognised training programmes leading to professional qualifications.

Have FUN at work. The final and probably the most important tip we would offer….

Create a culture and environment that engenders enjoyment. It’s no secret that people who enjoy what they do, are more likely to produce better results and gain greater satisfaction.

It goes without saying, that there are many more factors that will help to engage your people. We actually counted over 20 different strategies that we employ within OA. Most significant, is recognising the importance your staff play in your overall business.