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Don’t Just Survive Covid, Thrive Afterwards

Don’t Just Survive Covid, Thrive Afterwards


I’m sure you’ve heard by now but apparently Isaac Newton discovered gravity while in quarantine during the plague. And allegedly William Shakespear wrote Macbeth in quarantine too. These fun facts are flying around our social media newsfeed in an attempt to help us look on the bright side and keep our spirits up in these uncertain times. We have no way of confirming whether they’re factual or not but what we do know is there’s always good with the bad and there are always silver linings.


How can you ensure your business is the silver lining? By continuing to hire during COVID-19, adapting to change and being open to new ideas. That’s how! 


There’s unfortunately going to be losers if the 2008 style recession unfolds as predicted. But there are also going to be winners. Back in 2008/09 shops like the bookshop “Borders” were forced to close their doors whereas we can still walk into Waterstones today despite the rise in electronic books? Waterstones did come close to collapse but they went back to their roots and turned things around. Their  mantra was ‘a new breed of bookshop’. They realised that people were out seeking new and fun experiences after what had seemed like years of doom and gloom and they went to work. They started ‘book experience’ nights where you could go dressed as your favourite characters and enjoy food, drinks and games. This forward thinking and adapting to the change in people’s spending is what kept Waterstones afloat.   


It’s not just about providing the product or service that’s in demand though, it’s about doing it better than the others who are also trying to make the most of the opportunity. That’s when it really pays to be different. When things change, the people who sit back and think they’ll see it out and be fine, or who decide they’ll deal with the aftermath when it’s all over are the ones that aren’t around to see it. It’s the people who were making moves since there was a sniff of change in the air that come out on top.  


In order to not just survive during COVID-19 but actually thrive afterwards, you have to put the work into thinking outside the box. What do you do well? How can you spin that into something people want or need? And if you don’t currently do it because you don’t have the resources then there you go, it’s time to find them. Find the talent who are going to help you see what you are capable of and get you there. The forward thinkers, the inventors, the people with game-changing ideas. 


People who are adapting and excelling in these times of change are the people you need on your team, because I can guarantee the next time there’s a change in the air they’ll be on it with innovative solutions before the words ‘contingency plans’ have even left your lips. Retain your already awesome team and change your thinking, or assemble your Isaac Newtons and William Shakespears now.