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Our Net Promoter Activity

Candidate and client feedback is of paramount importance to Osborne Appointments. We are continually reviewing our service and product portfolio to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Feedback questionnaires are distributed via Survey Monkey and measure a variety of areas within the selection process, with the NPS score playing an integral part in the results and analysis.

What is Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score is a customer loyalty metric developed in 2003 by management consultant Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company in collaboration with the company Satmetrix.

The objective was to determine a clear and easily interpretable customer satisfaction score which can be compared over time and between different industries.

Specifically, the respondent is asked the following question:

How likely are you to recommend Osborne Appointments to a friend/colleague/relative?

Depending on the score that is given to the Net Promoter question, three categories of people can be distinguished:

Promoters = respondents giving a 9 or 10 score
Passives = respondents giving a 7 or 8 score
Detractors = respondents giving a 0 to 6 score


The Global Survey Monkey benchmark score is 39

Osborne Appointments Client Net Promoter score is: 71

Osborne Appointments Candidate Net Promoter score is: 79