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OA Netball Competition

The OA team took a welcome break from the office on Thursday afternoon to take part in our inaugural Netball competition. Four teams from four offices played each other in a league format with the top two competing in the final. I’m pleased and most surprised to say, the standard was quite high…. There was of course a competitive edge to the matches but all were played in a fun, friendly and supportive way. There were no tears, broken bones or arguing (ok well maybe one or two decisions by the referee were questioned :-)

Following the three league matches, Milton Keynes & Barnet found themselves in the final 

  Played Won Drew Goals Scored Goals Against Points
Barnet 3 2 0 15 9 4
Milton Keynes 3 1 2 7 6 4
Bedford 3 1 1 10 7 3
Welwyn 3 0 1 4 14 1

Despite a tight final, Milton Keynes came out on top with a goal in the last few minutes to win 4-3 thereby taking the honours as OA Netball Champions 2017.