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Recruitment Consultant

Consultancy Services
£22,000 to £28,000 Per Annum
commission + benefits
St Neots
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Sara Delovetot-Lawson

Why might you want to be a Recruitment Consultant for Osborne Appointments?

There are lots of adverts for Recruitment Consultants on at the moment, all listing your KPIs and duties, with no real sense of who you would be working with and the type of person who would be successful in the role - so what might make you want to join us?

I know from experience that some people find recruitment with other companies tough and don't last. There are a few reasons why this might be; maybe the company you joined over-promised and under-delivered or maybe they gave inadequate training and expected too much too soon.

BUT, it is true that being a Recruitment Consultant with the right company can be the best job ever!

To be the best and to work for the best, you have to be prepared to put in the effort to build your reputation and business from the ground up. It's about developing relationships with clients and candidates and being prepared to work to build your empire; you'll want to and be able to go out and develop your own business.

But, anyone that joins us now will be inheriting a very busy desk that already is over-performing against budget, so you will be coming in to a desk that gives you massive earning potential from the get go!

We have great days at Osborne Appointments and want you to experience them too; days when you have flashes of pure genius! Days of devising brilliant marketing campaigns and making great sales call. Days when we all work together on a sales campaign, hit the phones, make our calls and get our message out to companies across St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives. We have days when you will speak to a company and pick up jobs to fill and make appointments to go and meet them. Days like this happen all the time, we thrive on them.

Sometimes we have days that are not work related. We have days out, we have parties and we have fun. This year, we are going on a mini Cruise to Bruges. Will you be coming with us?
At Osborne Appointments, we will train you and develop your skills to hone in on your abilities; manage your talent. We have a dedicated Induction Plan with an experienced trainer that will sit with you over the first few days to settle you in and then support you over the following weeks.

If you bring the right attitude and ambition, Osborne Appointments can give you everything else you need to be successful. We will help you build truly rewarding relationships with your clients and show you what you need to do to ensure they want to remain exclusively with you.

We'll give you the freedom to manage your own desk - autonomy - that's what a lot of people look for and we believe in and encourage.

The St Neots office is Osborne Appointment's newest branch but we are already ahead of the game! We've smashed our way through targets and budgets and are running ahead of ourselves every day, growing bigger and bigger. You will be managed as an individual and developed, guided and motivated to be part of this goal-oriented, successful team from the outset. With so much new business out there still to win, we will help you every single step of the way, after all, we want you to be successful.

So, if you're prepared to put in the effort to be part of our team and join us at this most exciting time, call me on 01480 277997. I'm at Osborne Appointments in St Neots, my name is Sara.