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How to Make a Career Change

How to Make a Career Change

Whether you have committed to making a career change or you’re just intruiged, this blog from OA shares how to go about the early stages of making a career change!


Decide If You Need a Career Change

Before you begin thinking about making a career change you have to decide whether you actually need one. You may just need to find a new job, not an easy task, but certainly simpler than an entire career makeover.


Assess Yourself

If you decide a career change is in order, you will need to evaluate your values, skills, personality, and interests using self-assessment tools, often called career tests. Self-assessment tools are used to generate a list of occupations that are deemed appropriate based on your answers to a series of questions. Some people choose to have counselors or other career development professionals administer them but many opt to use free career tests that are available on the Web.


Figure Out the What’s it Going to Take

Are you lacking certain skills that you need to be an attractive candidate for this new type of role? Do you need certifications? Classes? Licenses?

But sometimes, you need more extensive education or licensure. You need to sleuth this out and make decisions on whether you’re willing to make the front-end investment this pivot requires or not.


Make an Action Plan

Begin with the end in mind with your action plan. What’s your primary goal and ideal timeline?

Once you’ve got that nailed, break it down into major milestones—skills you need to acquire, people you need to meet, things you need to wrap up in your current job, personal things you need to attend to prior to making this shift.


Thanks for reading our blog! If you are seeking a career change or want to find your perfect role, please head over to our vacancies page to view all of our current roles.