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Brain Training

Please find a selection of games from Lumosity.com, to help improve your core brain functions.

About Lumosity.com
Lumosity is an innovative web-based brain training program designed to improve brain health and maximize brain performance. Lumosity's program consists of a series of fun and engaging games and exercises researched and developed by leading neuroscientists. Lumosity.com sits at the intersection of the rise in casual games and the growing trend towards healthy living.

Stats on Lumosity.com
• #1 Cognitive Fitness Platform: Lumosity has now over 2 million monthly unique visitors and is ranked an Alexa top 3,000 site in the U.S.
• High Engagement: our games are engaging – our average user trains for over 10 minutes per visit.
• Scientific Partnerships and Validation: our games and training programs are based on research from leading neuroscientists from over 10 universities worldwide, including Stanford, UCSF, Harvard, and
• Media Partnerships: Lumosity games are offered on several media platforms, including The New York Times, Discover, Real Age, Popular Science, and Prevention. We are the only games offered on The New York Times website with the exception of The New York Times crossword puzzles.

Benefits of Lumosity
Based on the concept of neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to learn and physically adapt given appropriate stimuli - the games and exercises train and improve four basic cognitive abilities:
• memory
• attention
• processing speed
• cognitive control

In randomized, controlled trials, Lumosity has been shown to significantly improve working memory, visual attention and executive processing.

Lumosity is developed by neuroscience company Lumos Labs, a pioneer in the cognitive training space. The company works in collaboration with its advisory board, consisting of leading scientists in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and bioinformatics from Stanford, UCSF, and other leading
research institutions.

About the games

Word Bubbles - Language and Flexibility
Word Bubbles is designed to train and improve your processing speed. It targets verbal fluency by training you to think flexibly and creatively come up with words.

Lost in Migration - Attention and Response Inhibition
Lost in Migration is designed to train and improve your cognitive control and reaction time. This task focuses on suppressing your automatic response to the stimuli.

Memory Matrix - Memory and Retention
Memory Matrix works your memory for shapes, spatial layouts and pattern recall. You must take a quick mental "snapshot" of the grid so you can select the correct squares.

Raindrops - Problem Solving and Processing Speed
Raindrops is designed to improve processing speed through a numerical reasoning task. It emphasizes both speed and accuracy.

Speed Match - Processing Speed and Reaction Time
Speed Match is designed to train and improve your processing speed and reaction time, which is often considered a bottleneck for other cognitive functions.