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Our New Business Values….and what they mean to us..!



Our New Business Values….and what they mean to us..!

It was a lengthy process… in fact almost four months, but we finally arrived at the new OA business values that will help define our future plans and growth.

We undertook a rigorous process which involved;-

  • Extensive research and planning
  • One to One discovery interviews with employees
  • Workshops and focus groups with all staff and management team
  • Theme Identification using the affinity process
  • Surveys & Questionnaires

It was felt that some of our previous values and other popular suggestions are fundamentally now the core of how we conduct ourselves;- Honesty, integrity, teamwork, passion are all very important but we expect these to be displayed naturally and daily, so decided against using them. We wanted our values to inspire, focus and motivate our team.

The result and the wait was well worth it….. We had our vision, mission statement and business values.

Our Vision:

To bring inspiration and innovation to everyone we connect with.

Our Mission Statement:

To transform the lives of our candidates and add value to our clients by providing an open, honest and consultative approach.

Our Business Values:


Take time to consider, and be open to other ideas that are different to your own. The ability to change your mind is a “super-power.”  Be curious, tolerant and understanding in your approach to others. Know when to ask questions and when to make statements.


Have a clear vision of what you want and the drive and desire to succeed. Be willing to develop your skills and knowledge to improve yourself and others around you. Show determination in everything you do and bring energy and positivity to your work, helping create a business environment that inspires those around you


Constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything you do. Be open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. The only constant in life is change and as you, the business and the world evolves around us; seek to improve and be at the forefront of society's changing needs.


Immerse yourself in your specialist market and continually seek learning opportunities, take conversations beyond the obvious, share your learning and believe in your expertise, engross yourself in the detail, be commercially astute and most importantly be the difference.


Never lose sight of the importance of someone’s career and the impact it can have on their life. Jobs transform lives… When it comes to your team, share in their successes and support them when the chips are down. Be mindful that everyone has a life beyond work and help them to achieve the balance they are looking for.


The new values were unveiled in a typically unique OA way….through a crossword puzzle.

In addition we produced our Blueprint for Success which outlined our strategy, our focus and our growth plans. Every office received a framed picture of our new values and everyone received an infuser water bottle, with the values on….just so they never forget them :-)



The values will be fully integrated into daily life within OA. Our internal selection processes now incorporate a Values Based Interview and our Performance Appraisal system is intrinsically linked to the new values.

Our new business values mean so much more than just words. They are our core principles that guide the way we do business. They sum up what we stand for and what makes us special. Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They are important because they will help us develop and continue to grow.

Michelle Bacon

Founder of OA