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5 ways a recruitment agency can support your company through the upturn

5 ways a recruitment agency can support your company through the upturn

Skilled recruitment agencies will play a key role in the post-COVID upturn. Many companies are looking to slash recruitment costs by doing it all in-house, but this often turns out to be a false economy, costing both money and precious time. Here are five reasons to consider investing in the support of a trusted recruitment partner.

1) Recruitment agencies are great at multi-tasking

If you’ve tried recruiting, you know how many balls you have to keep in the air: advertising, trawling through piles of CVs, organising interviews, negotiating salaries, setting start dates, and many more tasks. You need the organisational skills of a computer to stay on top of it all while also managing your regular job.

For professional recruiters, expertly juggling all these balls is their regular job. That’s why it’s worth leaving the stress of recruitment to them - especially now, when work is already so stressful, and it’s so vital to save your energy for what really matters.

2) Recruitment agencies get you the right person faster

Recruitment takes time, especially when you’re doing it in-house. If you’re understaffed right now, every day counts - but you can’t afford to rush the process and hire the wrong person.

When you work with a recruitment agency, they’ll connect you with a treasure-trove of pre-qualified, pre-checked and referenced candidates, and present you with a shortlist that’s perfect for your needs.

3) Recruitment agencies save you money

Working with a recruitment agency is an investment, not an expense. No shelling out for all those job boards and LinkedIn Recruiter, no paying copywriters to write appealing job ads - and no time cost either. Plus you don’t have to pay introductory fees until you’ve actually hired the perfect person – and you’ll generally have the added security of a trial period too, so you’re covered just in case they don’t work out.

4) Recruitment agencies offer a bigger pool of candidates

When you advertise a job opportunity, who responds? That’s right – people who are looking for jobs. Your recruitment agency can connect you with the massive pool of people who aren’t looking – in other words, the people who are most in demand and best at what they do – but who might be tempted to change jobs with a bit of expert persuasion.

Recruiters know their candidates’ ideal roles, and can find you people who really want the job you’re offering.

5) Specialist recruitment agencies know your industry

A recruitment agency who specialises in your industry will not only provide you with a wider pool of candidates, but also with deeper insight into them. They can also guide you through the tangle of legal and regulatory red tape and help you get to grips with legislation like The Agency Workers Directive, IR35, Job Retention Schemes, Right to Work etc.

Specialist recruiters not only understand your specific needs, but also the trends in your industry, and can keep you updated on news you might not even have heard yourself!